About Us

■ Store information

Selling Address


E-mail address info@barefoot-fun.com
Web site http://barefoot-fun.com/
Line of business

Computer and computer equipment, animation, characters and other peripheral products.

Sales volumes ■Goods that are not limited in quantity 
When the money has arrived, the order will begin production. 
■A limited quantity of goods was set up beforehand The inventory
information displayed on the shopping website (including sold out) is only the approximate amount of the input shopping system.After the order, 
we will send an order confirmation email, at this time, your order will be able to ensure the production of commodities.
The correct inventory situation, please use the "interface" of the "consultation" after consultation.
The necessary funds outside of commodity money The packing delivery fee and transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
The cost of delivery and the cost of import are different due to different places.
Please consult here for details.
In addition, some areas can not directly delivered.
Please confirm in the distribution of related websites
Please reconfirm the total amount of the shopping cart before placing an order.
※All the goods will be send together,but sometimes, for other reasons, will be mailed separately.
The application deadline Please complete payment within 5 days after order.More than 5 days without income, will cancel the order, please understand.
About the delivery time

We are order production,please confirm in advance.
We will send it out within 90 days from five business days later of the end day during an order period.
※The order interface has an approximate delivery date
Rain and snow weather may lead to delay in delivery time. In case of delay, please contact the courier company by using the order number in the contact email. 

■ About returned goods and defective goods

The return period・conditions Because we are order production、we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences. 
1.When there is a defect to the product 
2. Because we sent the wrong goods  
If you encounter the above situation, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the goods.The exchange will not be available for more than 7 days. 
The return shipping we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences. Defective goods wrong goods, replacement, etc.Please send it by cash-on-delivery. 
Defective goods Original computer 

Our company computers, the scope of defective products are limited to the initial bad, bad contact with the switch, the basic hardware, such as the situation. 
The OS is Japanese, install illegal software on this computer, overseas software and driver, etc., will not be within the scope of warranty, please understand! 
Please set the computer as factory settings and then send it.

■ About payment method

Payment ・PayPal
・Credit Card
Payment period Because we are order production,so goods will not be manufactured until the order is completed.The application is not for the production ,please ensure ample time.