The Cyunibyou Character”Rihito” (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

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Q & A

What are the conditions of the lines?

Include name, the lines must include the name you took.within 20 words of punctuation marks are not included. Japanese for 3 seconds to 5 secondsyou can get two.

Please reference sample.When recording, there is an inappropriate content, we will contact you to make changes.

The following is inappropriate content, please confirm in advance. 

※You can't use other copyrighted content, specific roles, and lines
※No sound of kissing  
※People think of sexual lines and feelings is No
※In your assigned lines, please do not include the name of the actor.
Example) hello. I am your **. etc..

If I ordered today, what time is the success of payment? 
In the case of credit card settlement, settlement will be processed within 3 days of placing order.

※According to the card held by the customer, the corresponding closing date is different, so please consult the bank in advance.

What's the mode of settlement? 
PayPal and Credit Cards
What is the after-sales service and warranty period? 
The goods are guaranteed for one year.
But the OS of PC is Japanese, install illegal software on this computer, overseas software and driver, etc., will not be within the scope of warranty, please understand!
If you need to repair, etc., to send the computer back ,please set the computer as factory settings and then send it.

Technical support:

Can I make a cancellation and change the quantity of the goods?
A5 This computer is an order for producing goods. So orders can not be canceled. Attention, please!
How many units can I buy at most?
No limit.But in the setting of the lines, the system is limited to only one order at a time.If you order multiple units, please place separate orders.

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