• 【Type:YOU Character】 Notebook Premium Model (CV:Nobuhiko Okamoto)

【Type:YOU Character】 Notebook Premium Model (CV:Nobuhiko Okamoto)

New series derived from the Seiyuu original PC series [Type:YOU] !
【Type:YOU Character】The 2nd  Chūni character 「Licht」!By Mr. Okamoto Nobuhiko to interpret ! Of course, there are individual desktop themes with your name and lines !

With the basic system sound 60 words, also with as "new to the mail prompt tone" 2 kinds,including your name [your original lines] text!

There are 3 themes! 「Friend」「brother」 「lover」. Please choose 2 from these 3 topics, and then specify their original lines. The lines you specify 【"must" include your name, Kana conversion within 20 words】.

<Matters needing attention>
※Please specify the lines according to the theme (friends, brother, lover).
1.You cannot specify the lines of copyright, specific roles, and the content similar to them.
2.「Dialects」 are not allowed.
3.If you find the name, lines there are inappropriate content, we will contact you to modify.
4.The two lines (including name、 Kana conversion within 20 words.
  ※Punctuation marks are not included.。
(Example)【Lover mode】「Huh ? Shengnai you got a email... and I'm a little jealous.」【11 words】
(Example)【Brother mode】「Hello, little ma. What seems to have happened ? 」【8 words】etc.
5.No kissing sound, contains seiyuu (including name nickname) appear in the lines.


Original elements are not just sounds!

The desktop has 2 types of 「character」 and 「simple type」. Please choose according to your preference. No matter what kind of desktop is selected, the content of the system sound and wallpaper included in each individual will not be different.


The lines sent to us

The lines first sent to us can be Chinese or English. Please refer to the input sample lines etc..
The lines will record by Seiyuu, we'll confirm them with you.
Please note that when the actual recording , seiyuu is speak in Japanese, please know beforehand.


Please attention

Because this product have a limited time, you cannot buy it if missed this opportunity.
They are order production, after the order cannot be cancelled , please confirm in advance .

Our company's external contacts all use 「mail」.
If you has set “don‘t  receive an mail from PC”, please change it to receive mail from mashcore.com.「Unable to confirm because of not receiving the modification of the lines」etc. , our company is not responsible, please pay attention to this .



Product 15.6 inch notebook computer
OS Windows10 Pro 64bit
Processor Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQprocessor(4 core+ HT correspondence/stop 2.80GHz/TB maximum 3.80GHz/L3=6MB)
Resolution Full-HD(1920x1080)
Video card NVIDIA GeForce® GTX1060M 6GB / Intel® HD graphics 630
Optical actuator lu-ray drive(Blu-ray read write+DVD Super Multi)

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【Type:YOU Character】 Notebook Premium Model (CV:Nobuhiko Okamoto)

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